Nice to
meet you.

This is about the
Digital Artist and Creative Director in me. I offer Digital Crafts of several kinds.
I also do other things.

My work

1 Film production, Direction, photo-realistic 3D Animation and Visual Effects

I direct and create films, animation and visual effects for a broad range of media.
With 15+ years of experience, I work on projects of any size. I lead teams and vision as a director.

I work hands-on behind the workstation – with my own team or as a one-man-show.

This industry likes awards, maybe a bit too much, so let me mention that I have won a lot of them.

2 More digital crafts

You can also book my work for a broad range of tasks in the digital media realm.

I have created countless animations, effects, shots, compositings, motion graphics, packshots, product shots, broadcast design packages, logo endings, edits, booklets, treatments, retouches, layouts, designs, even award-winning logo designs.


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Timo Schaedel
Christburger Str. 26
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USt.-ID: DE211121648